Sunday 29 Nov 2020
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Product Specification

  • Heavy duty framing ex 2" x 2" planed timber as standard, all corners rounded
  • All buildings have diagonal supports where possible for extra strength
  • 12mm Shiplap or 19mm Loglap on all sides
  • 12mm Tongue & Groove on roof and floor
  • Quality thick felt as standard or Felt Shingles in Green, Black or Red at additional cost
  • Door is fitted with a rim lock & key
  • Double doors, one with lock ,one bolted
  • Security Doors ex 4" x 2" planed timber with mortice and tenon joints set in a door frame and fitted with a 3 lever mortice lock and 6" tower bolts on double doors
  • Dip treated in a high quality spirit based wood preservative
  • Eaves 7ft 2in high
  • Glass 4mm clear




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